The problem with crabs…

…is that they're incredibly difficult to eat quickly, what with all the cracking of claws and coaxing out of meat, but oohhhh, they're soooo good, especially steamy and garlicky and accompanied by drawn butter.

And when they come with coconut shrimp and tangy sauce, and the perfect glass of iced tea, you can sit there and feast and be blissfully unaware that your intention of a quick lunch has been blasted to hell and back.

Translation: After my interview this afternoon, which went well, I think – I hope – we went to Joe's Crab Shack, in Arlington, right near the ballpark. Ostensibly, we went to check the place out as a potential site for the NaNoWriMo kickoff party, but also, I love to push Fuzzy out of his comfort zone where food is concerned. (For the record, he didn't order anything orange.)

So, the party's on Sunday the 30th of October at 4PM, and I can't wait to hang with other writerly types for an afternoon of fun and food, as a final ramp-up to the writing that begins at 12:00 AM on Tuesday the 1st.

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