Chunky Monkey Loaf

My favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee, and that's seconded by Mitchell's macapuno, which is a kind of coconut, but my favorite Ben and Jerry flavor is Chunky Monkey – banana ice cream with dark chocolate and walnuts.

Tonight, the house is filled with the warmth of goodies baking in the oven, and the specific scents of banana and cinnamon, but instead of my usual banana nut bread, I've done a double batch, so I can bring a loaf to a friend, and I've laced the loaves with semi-sweet chocolate chips. (I also used half brown sugar and half white, half regular flour and half spelt, just for kicks.)

I love to experiment in the kitchen, but I can never duplicate or share recipes, really, because I don't really measure when I cook. I eyeball 'cups' and double vanilla or cinnamon in sweet recipes without thinking about it, and I'll alter spices if whatever is called for isn't what I happen to have on hand.

Therefore while I can tell you that the breadpans I just pulled from the oven have been dubbed “Chunky Monkey Loaf,” and that the end result is best served warm and slathered with butter, accompanied by strong milky coffee or hot tea, I cannot offer the recipe beyond, “It's essentially banana bread but with extra cinnamon and chocolate chips and stuff.”

It's delicious, though.

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