Tuesday Bullets

In lieu of a real post, I offer bullets.
Also, the word of the day is tomato. I challenge everyone to write a blog-post or a flash-fic piece interpreting that word.

  1. I woke up this morning with Ruby Tuesday on my lips – the song, not the burger joint – and it's still echoing in my head as I write this.
  2. Inspired by a friend, I wrote some flash-fiction this morning, which you can check out at MoonChilde.com, my fiction site. If you read it, please leave a comment there. (LJ users can ignore this, as MoonChilde also mirrors to this journal.)
  3. I really wish I had a butler who would make french toast and coffee and bring it to me, poolside. Well, one can dream.
  4. Yes, I AM stil in bed at one, but I've posted to my new account at Blogit.com, and written a book review, and the above-mentioned flash piece. (Most of the Blogit content is the same as here, some is not.)
  5. I love the way Zorro's fur smells like cinnamon and honeysuckle. He's so comforting. Cleo is also comforting, but she just smells like sun-baked dog.
  6. When I first read Harriet the Spy, as a child, I began eating tomato sandwiches. Sometimes, I still do.

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