Calgon, Take Me Away

Itâ™s been a frustrating morning: woke to find no wireless net, then couldnâ™t make the fax work (note to self: faxes work far more efficiently when actually attached to a phone line.) Had to fish the pool vacuum from the poolâ™s bottom to re-seal the velcro bag, and managed to be bitten by a bug in the process. On top of this, have a headache I cannot shake, and am extremely cranky.

Need I state that there is no chocolate in the house? Or at least, none in any consumable form. Need I mention that even my clingy dogs are giving me a wide berth because of my mood today?

I think not.
Itâ™s the kind of day where you fill the tub with bubbles, and hide from reality until your fingers and toes are completely prunish.

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