WordPress +Livepress = A Happy Xenobia

I haven't been posting to this actual account very often since making the move to my own site, and an external blog, two years ago. But I've missed the interaction with all you LJ-ers – I know I have RSS feeds, but the thing is – if you comment on the RSS feeds I don't see them unless I login and go LOOK.

Which is why I'm thrilled that there's a plugin for WordPress (my blogging software) that adds a box at the bottom of the “write” screen, so I can post directly to LJ, and set moods and icons and everything. That last post, “French Press” was the test post for that feature – and it seemed to work, which is always a good thing.

So, here's the deal:
Posts from ALL my sites will be synched to this account.
If you want ONLY blog posts, just read the RSS feed
If you want ONLY book reviews, the RSS feed is
I don't have RSS set up for posts to my fiction blog.

Any questions?

(You can all flee now.)

French Press

Ahh, coffee, my precious morning brew.

I woke this morning to glorious rain, started the hot water kettle and spooned coffee grounds into the bottom of my new French Press coffee pot ($30 from Starbucks). 4 minutes after the whistle sounded, I had a rich brew with almost espresso perfect crema.

Poured it into a mug, splashed in a little cream – real cream, but an infinitesimal amount – a packet of Splenda, and sipped.

Ahh, coffee!

And ant-free, at that.

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