Blogathon 2005

Cross-posted, with apologies to the ppl who read me via RSS.

I've watched friends participate in blogathons for several years now, and even supported some of them by donating funds, but this year, I'm participating myself.

I haven't picked a charity yet. There's a local charity that I'm thinking of, and that I want to support because I know that small amounts of money go further with smaller organizations than they do when donated to national funds, but I'm not sure they're blog-friendly. I do have a backup charity, in mind, however.

I've started a page where I'll be updating everyone on how it works and what it entails and all that. Likely, anyone who pledges a minimum of $5 by the start of the blogathon will either be credited in an entry (“this entry sponsored by X”) or will get some other personal thank you. (Lemon bars for the extreme locals.)

Look for updates on THAT tomorrow later today.

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