UnMutter – Week 118

I say… And you think… ?

  1. Android:: Data
  2. Revenge:: is a dish best served cold.
  3. Knight:: Forever
  4. Stranded:: at the Drive-in
  5. Weakness:: tears
  6. Greed:: avarice
  7. Walter:: Olivia
  8. Dense:: cloud-cover
  9. Sheep:: mutton
  10. Propane:: tank

Like this meme? Play along here.

(I’m suddenly wondering how many of my blog-friends (from here, LJ, and OD) are answering “Data” to that first prompt. Not that any of us are geeks or anything.)

One thought on “UnMutter – Week 118

  1. I didn’t say Data (in fact, when I just read it I thought, “Huh?” and then… “Oh. Doh!” But I figure I’m close (just showing my age) when I answered “R2D2”

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