Shopping is Dangerous

After church, and after our weekly post-church lunch at Panera, I went into one of my favorite clothing stores with the intention of buying a belt – just a belt – and then leaving.

I didn’t buy a belt.

I did buy a tangerine and raspberry gypsy skirt, and a top to go with it, three t-shirts (tangerine, lime, black), and two bras (one is strapless, the other boring white, but oh, so comfy).

Fruit colors seem to be my thing this year: tangerine, lime, raspberry, cherry, plum, lemon, strawberry – or maybe it’s not fruit that I’m patterning my wardrobe after, but sorbet – icy cold, slightly sweet, and always refreshing.

I’m trying to get away from wearing black so often.
I’m trying to wear skirts more.
I’m falling in love with my cleavage.

Life is FUN.