It has been a day of words and books and sleep and more words. I feel as though my relationship with language has been rekindled, my love of writing renewed.

Of course, the day began with the annoyance of finding that the copiers at Kinkos were all being uncooperative – half needed service, most had no paper, and the remaining two were sporting apparently-new software that made it impossible to make landscape copies of lettersized paper, instead of portrait copies. The very helpful too-hovery (is that a word? It is now) Kinko’s Dude tried to solve the problem, but failed to really listen, though at least he found the paper I needed.

Despite that it’s been a good day. A contest entry submitted another piece finished, headway on something bigger than it was but not yet planned enough to describe. . . projects galore and so much energy, I feel like I’m in a disco lit by a thousand suns, all twinkling to the sound of MY inner beat.

This is my brain.
This is my brain, high on LIFE.