Update on Winged Things

Does know what is flapping around your window at night make the flapping any less mysterious in full dark, or the dog attempting to capture the creatures any less pathetic – for dogs are no match for birds?

I think not.

Thanks to my good friend Karen, I now know that my night-flappers include a flock of Grackles. Read more about them here.

2 thoughts on “Update on Winged Things

  1. I enjoyed these two posts. Most people don’t realize it because their vision is so channeled, but in the city we live in the wilderness. The birds and other animals put up with our presence just the way the different animals ignore each other on the veldt in Africa. A little while ago I came across a coyote wandering across the main drag in my area, and this is not a suburb. Raccoons and skunks wander around, and lets not forget the animals we ebotistically refer to as ‘our’ pets. They are as natural and wild as the raccoons, with their own territories and needs that must be fulfilled.

  2. Fraid I just have to put up with common or garden bats, I have a loft full.
    When I first read this post I saw Grackles as Grockles which is a derogatory term for the influx of city folk holidaying here in the summer.
    Night flappers seemed to fit ;)

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