Geek Anniversary

We spent our anniversay indulging our not-so-inner geekness – lunch at Benihana in downtown Dallas, then a few hours at the art museum, gazing upon the art from the Quian dynasty (“Imperial Treasures of the Forbidden City”) – I especially loved all the jadework, and of course Fuzzy loved the swords, daggers, and bows.

We visited the European art wing of the main museum as well, so I could visit my favorites, the Impressionists, but their collection isn’t very vast, and I was feeling overheated and parched.

We came home, I changed, and we went back out again, to Barnes and Noble, where I bought several greeting cards, a few books (which involved a long distance plea for help to Jeremy, when I spaced on an author’s name), and the dvd’s of V, and V: The Series. (We still need V: The Final Battle).

It doesn’t get much geekier than spending the evening eating smothered enchiladas and watching 1980’s sci-fi, then blogging about it the next day.

Tonight, we’re going to make a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Perpetual Caffeination (aka Starbucks), and then head to St. Andrews for Good Friday services. Tomorrow I have a salon appointment at nine AM (brow design, manicure, pedicure), and in the evening is the Easter Vigil, and then Sunday they’re doing a late-morning service with the flowering of the cross.

I think I’ve had more church this week than in almost my whole life up to now, but when you’re going because you WANT to and not because some old lady is exhorting you, it’s very different.

And singing the Alleluia is always fun.