And the happiness continues

We went to the Great Vigil at St. Andrew’s tonight, and my breath caught when I saw the altar covered in spring flowers – lilies of course, but also glads and carnations and roses, and I think an iris or two. I hadn’t realized just HOW stark the altar was, during lent, until I saw it restored tonight.

Happiness tonight was both personal – hearing Fuzzy singing beside me during the service – and universal – a very young baby (who was baptized during the service) added a personal affirmation in the form of a screech at the end of every song. I love that this congregation includes the very old, and the very young, and all in between. It truly is a community.


Happiness is warm wax oozing onto your skin, and being removed by a gentle technician, and the snotty eyebrows that result.

It is also having OPI red toenails and pale passion pink fingernails.

It is walking in the rain to the bookstore, and finding a cd by an artist you never thought you’d like, and then having your husband sneak up behind you, and tell you your toes are cute.

It’s warm lasagna on a cold rainy day, and an afternoon browsing dvd stores, and not finding what you wanted, but not caring, because the act of browsing was enough fun.

I love rainy Saturdays.