Green Things

It’s not technically spring, but I felt distinctly springy today, as Fuzzy and I wandered through the Japanese Garden, part of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, a place I’d previously only known through Rana’s pictures.

Japanese Gardens - Tranquil Stream
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It was a great day for a stroll really. It was cool and misty, and the grey light made the green of the trees and grass seem so much more intense.

In keeping with the theme of green-ness, I wore green eyeshadow today, just right above the lashline, after seeing it in a magazine during my salon visit. Pastel green totally makes brown eyes POP.

Also, I tried something recommended by Chad the Master Stylist, which he said his wife does: I used Aveda’s Rosemary-Mint hair conditioner as shaving cream for my legs. It was bliss. Shaving bliss. No nicks, no scratches, and it cools and moisturizes better than lotion.

One Yellow Thing
The post-garden part of the day was lovely also. A lengthy chat over coffee with Rana and her friend Missy J, a toasty, tasty turkey sub at Quiznos, and the acquisition of some wonderfully light and refreshing lemon verbena body lotion and shower gel from Provence, via Bath and Body Works. (events not necessarily listed in chronological order)

And some Pink Stuff to finish it off
While in Bath and Body Works, I also bought the item I actually went in the place to find – a deliciously pink jar of cherry-scented bath bubbles. The bubble mix is the consistency of honey, the bubbles, once…bubbled?…are silky and lightly scented (I know this because they ran a warm sink of them for me to test.)

And, in a strange fit of ongoing pinkness, I took home a lovely faux-leather tote, in jazzy pink. (I don’t know where this new attraction to pink has come from, but I’m enjoying it immensely.)

Green, Yellow, Pink.
Spring colors.