I have no catchy title tonight, and so I’m resorting to using the day of the week. It works, I suppose.

I’ve gone to the gym every morning this week, and plan to go tomorrow. This is difficult for me, but the more I go, the more I want to go, and going every day they’re open from now to April 1st is sort of a personal ritual. I wonder if I can make it a permanent thing.
(It should be noted that they’re closed Friday-Monday, this week.)

We went to the Tenebrae services at church tonight. It was stark and beautiful, intense and moving – entering in silence, chanting the psalms, engaging in silent meditation and prayer, leaving in silence and darkness. I’ll be writing about it in more detail in my other blog, one that I’m not advertising, and NOT setting up with an RSS feed to LiveJournal. If you really want to follow some of the personal changes I’m going through, the ones that don’t really fit my chatty day-to-day blogging, please comment here (or via the LJ interface) or send an email to Ms DOT Snarky AT gmail DOT com (yes, there are two dots in there), or to my regular email, if you know it, and I’ll provide the address.

Thursday is our (mine and Fuzzy’s) 10th anniversary. Ten years seems like nothing some days, and forever on others. More on that tomorrow.