I woke this morning with every muscle in my body screaming in pain, and a sinus headache making me dizzy and nauseous. Ibuprofen, stretching, sleep, and a really really long hot shower have since made everthing but the sinus headache go away, but I still felt yucky enough that when Fuzzy called to say he was going to dinner with guys from another site, I didn’t give him the chance to invite me to join. They went to a restaurant I’ve been dying to try. We’ll be going together for our anniversary, in a few weeks.

As for me, I had a quiet night, cuddling with dogs, and watching mindless movies (Laws of Attraction) and television (Sex and the City on On Demand (season 4)) – just the kind of night I needed, with no pressure to cook or tell Fuzzy how to cook, or have to entertain anyone.

I indulged in a glass of red wine.

Now, Fuzzy is home, and the dogs are no longer antsy, and I am cozy, and surrounded by striped cotton sheets, tons of pillows and a nautical blue quilt…and I’m feeling much better. There’s a lot to be said for theraputic escapism.

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  1. very nice. i take it you have a laptop! it must be so nice to just relax and take it easy. i cant do that. kids need attention. :

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