More Web Fun

My friend Clay compared it to a cross between Friendster and Google, but I think it’s more like TiVo for the web.

What is it?

It’s Stumble Upon – a rating and referral site for anywhere on the web. There’s a special extension for Firefox users, which is just nifty.

Do sign up. :)

2 thoughts on “More Web Fun

  1. So, Ray — Biopic, so it isn’t going to be a horribly profound script or story, outside the confines of Ray Charles’ own life. A little too long, but not enough to warrant thumbs down. Jamie Foxx, though — absolutely incredible. Honestly, I was most impressed that his portrayal of Ray was so seamless. Combine that with the musical elements that 1. looked and sounded as if Jamie Foxx were singing (and he wasn’t — it was all Ray), and whomever they filmed was really playing the piano (instead of faking horribly — which I HATE) made this a very good film.

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