Coming Attractions?

I made a personal resolution to try and post something to my blog every day. Note that I’m just saying ‘something’ and not ‘something substantial’.

The thing is, there are only ten minutes left in the day, and I’ve just finished stapling and labelling 830 flyers, and my shoulders are killing me, and I’m tired. Too tired for coherence.

But I have entries buzzing in my brain. And if I don’t post something, I’m likely to forget about them.

So these are coming attractions, of a sort. I’ve been musing about staplers all day, a friend asked a question about one’s online space (and changes made thereto), and if he approves, I’ll be answering it here, and then, I’m toying with this month’s Blogging for Books challenge (link to be edited in later).

Also, I have to update my reading blog as it hasn’t been, since mid-January, and then there’s the rant about why inviting a person trying to reduce the amount of processed food and simple carbs in her diet to a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper is tantamount to cruelty.

And of course, anyone reading this is welcome to suggest topics as well.