Keeping Quiet

I’m not feeling chatty today, mainly because I’m peering at the world through a Benadryl haze. I’m not having serious allergy issues or anything, I’m just suffering from being bitten to death on my feet and ankles while enjoying a candlelight tea with Fuzzy last night, in the back yard. (Chants to self: I will remember to spray my ankles with OFF in the future.) Benadryl stops the itching, but knocks me out, so I’ve been cranky and groggy all day. However, I’ve just done tomorrow’s grocery order which includes a benadryl anti-itch stick. So, hopefully, only my feet and ankles will be groggy, in the future.

Or at least, I’ll be coherent.

I’ve just watched a great movie, though, Saving Grace, about a woman whose husband dies, leaving her with a pile of debt, which she pays off by growing marijuana in the greenhouse of her estate in Cornwall. It’s a quirky film, and a bit uneven, and but quite enjoyable. If you liked Calendar Girls, you’ll probably enjoy this. If not, well, there are some cool accents to listen to.

I’m playing with a piece of fiction that came out of a conversation I had over coffee the other day, and a prompt from WarriorPoet(2) at OD, two things that are totally disconnected, yet spin together nicely. When I’m done playing I might share it, or might not.

Time to drink more water, and go to sleep, as tomorrow’s a gym day, so I need to be well-rested.