Last night in the shower, I learned that Venus “Divine” razors are sharper than even I ever imagined. I’m not sure how I did it – I was reaching up to the shelf where Fuzzy keeps relocating my razor, in preparation for the ritual of shaving my legs, and lost my grip. The contraption caught the side of the ring finger on my left hand, which started bleeding profusely, though there wasn’t any pain at first.

I yelled for Fuzzy, because I was wet and bleeding, and even if I hadn’t been, I can’t put a band-aid on with one hand. Except we’re out of band-aids. So we used gauze and tape and saran wrap and I finished my shower – and shaved my legs, thanks – then, cslmer, I made a smaller bandage out of tape and cotton.

Typing with a finger covered in cotton is more of a challenge than I thought, and when I forget and actually attempt to type correctly, it HURTS, but for a minor slicing, it’s not a big deal.

Though, I really do need to remember to go in for a tetanus shot soonish.

2 thoughts on “Slice

  1. Wow, synchronicity. Well except it’s my right hand ring finger that’s all wrapped up today – I’d share a picture but my ISP is refusing to let me log in to upload the picture. *kicks it*

  2. I know what you are feeling…shades of me slicing my right pinkie with a can lid last June…unfortunately mine required a ER visit & stitches…YUCK!

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