Dear Zorro,

We all know that you’re the cutest boy-dog on the planet. You don’t have to prove it by pretending to look at the screen of my laptop, and you REALLY don’t need to prove it by using the backspace key as your personal chin-rest.

There are six dog beds and seventeen thousand pillows in various places in this house, not to mention the whole bottom half of the bed, and if it’s attention you require, rolling over on your back is much more likely to elicit the response we all know you really want: belly rubs.

Much love,


PS No, don’t eat the letter. Silly dog.

One thought on “Letter

  1. Very cute, I have a great dane and a german shepherd; do you know how the big guy gets my attention.. I will be sleeping and he will come run and jump ontop of me .. feels like the house falling on top.

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