Feeling eBookish

Today is the last day of Holidailies, but am I writing something deep and meaningful about the discipline of having to write every day, and being accountable to someone if you don’t? No. Am I writing a sweet post-project wrap-up about all the new blogs that I’ve added to my blogroll? No. Or at least not tonight.

Tonight I’m going to write about eBooks.

This week has seen my return to flirting with eBooks. I say flirting because while I give them the eye, and even try them out a bit, I’m fickle, and truly prefer paper in my hands. Especially in the bath. Or while sitting on the toilet. And I read a lot in both places.

I do like the convenience of ordering eBooks (I’m capitalizing the ‘b’ because otherwise the word looks like a typo to me), and having them instantly show up on my laptop. I spent many hours this week, curled up in bed with my laptop, reading.

I use the Micro$oft Reader, not because I like it better, but because the first eBook I ever bought ONLY came in that format. I’m aware that .pdf files are easier to manage, and can be transferred to my Palm, but, that device has a tendency to lose all its information when it loses its battery power, and because I forget to plug stuff in a lot, that happens all too often. (This is, incidentally, why I never use my Palm. I’m afraid I’ll lose everything if I forget to recharge it.)

And so, for the most part, I stick with normal books. I like them. They’re like old friends, and I like seeing the rows of covers on my shelves. I like that I can dog-ear a page (yes, yes, I know, bad form) to mark my place, or make notes in the margin, or make gifts of them to other people.

What can I say? On this issue, I’m conflicted.

2 thoughts on “Feeling eBookish

  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that post-Holidailies I’ve added you to Bloglines. I’ve enjoyed reading your site, and I thank Allah that you’ve syndicated your webpage. And…did you redesign just like…today? Looks nice. Anyway, thanks for the good reads. Happy 2005

  2. I’m not
    books forever
    hold, handle, huddle over,
    assemble, assimilate, assay
    relieve, release, relive
    sans electricity

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