A Blustery Day

It’s not particularly cold outside, but the wind has made itself felt all morning, making the slats in the vertical blinds rattle against each other. This bothers the dogs, as they are aware that beyond the blinds there is Outside, even if there’s no actual access to it from our bedroom.

I haven’t been Outside myself since I opened the bedroom door, and back door, for Cleo, around nine-thirty, and I’m wondering what surprises I’ll find when I go. Scattered leaves, for sure, probably even inside the kitchen, as that back door is still open.

Often, I find families of ladybugs seeking shelter on the cool blue tiles of my kitchen floor, on days like this. I’m never sure if I should slide them onto a sheet of paper, and return them to the great outdoors from whence they came, or if I should let them stay there, risking demise in the form of gallumphing puppyfeet.

Cleo, though she is technically an adolescent dog as a small breed who is almost five, will always be somewhat of a puppy, it seems. Zorro growls at her more and more often, as his epilepsy causes him to age pre-maturely. After all, he’s not quite eight. I think of him as the crotchety old grandfather of our family – give him food and a spot on a sun-warmed chair, and he’s happy as can be.

There was a great sliding sound from Outside a bit ago, and Cleo started barking at it (continuing when the actual sound had long since ceased. She’s very vocal). I’m almost certain that one of the deck chairs has blown off the deck and is upside down in the ivy, which may not seem like a big deal, but these are fairly solid, metal chairs, and not the type anyone would expect to see easy blown about.

I’m off to find something comfortable, yet presentable, for our evening out. Ice arenas are always chilly, yet because skating exhibitions are as much theatre as sports, everyone dresses a bit better than jeans and a sweater. I didn’t manage seats on the ice this year, but we’re in row 4, which isn’t bad at all. It’s close enough to see faces, to see FEET, and to hear the blades slicing through the ice.

While we’re gone, the dogs will likely curl up on opposing couches, and bark at the wind Outside.

As dogs do.