Inspection (Part II)

So, inside the house, you walk into the entry. Looking up, there’s a loft/bridge/thing that connects the upstairs bedroom, the right hand side of the bridge (viewed from the front doorway) has the guest room and the room with no specific purpose. The left side has the upstairs bathroom, and the rooms that will be our offices. (We took pix of the bedrooms, but, there’s nothing exceptional about them. They’re bedrooms.)

Here’s the entry, from which you can see into the living room.


The opening directly beneath the chandelier is the passthrough for the wet bar, because, in Texas, you have to have a wet bar.

Here’s another view of the living room, as seen from the breakfast nook in the eat-in kitchen:

And here’s one more view of the same room:

Here’s the Kitchen, from the breakfast nook, followed by part of the nook, looking out to the back yard.



(That’s a built-in wine rack above the fridge, btw, and all the appliances stay.)