Thanks to everyone who sent good house Karma. We heard from the realtor just bit ago, and our offer was accepted, apparently with everything we asked for. Yay!

Tomorrow, we go to watch the inspector do his or her thing, and we’ll take pictures while we’re there.

The closing will be in about three weeks.

Which means that my talking about houses will only be for a finite length of time.

T3: Girl Scout Cookies


::Girl Scout Cookies::

Onesome: Girls’ Night Out- Do you ever just feel the need to drop everything and go hang out with your pals? What do you all do when you go out? Something “wild” like partying at the bar, or something as “mild” as just hanging out at a coffee shop and discussing the latest books you’ve read? Or do you head over to a pal’s house to watch the big game?

Coffee klatsches, absolutely, movie night, sometimes. I’ve always wanted to have a live writers group, but have been too chicken to start one.

Twosome: Scout- Were you ever a scout as a kid? Which branch? Did you join willingly or was it something you did because everyone else was or your parents thought it would be “good for you?”
I was a brownie for a while, but we moved around a lot when I was a kid, so it was difficult to stay involved in such things. My friends were girl scouts, and I used to visit their troop meetings.

Threesome: Cookies- What’s your favorite kind of cookie? What’s the strangest cookie you’ve ever had or heard of but been too afraid to try? And do you buy Girl Scout cookies? Which ones?
My favorite cookies in LIFE are Thin Mints (Mystic Mints) whatever they’re called. Chocolate and mint, mmmm. (I like mint milanos, too). If someone at the office has a child selling cookies, I buy them, but as we don’t have any children of our own, or have any close friends or family with girl scouts of their own, we don’t get to do that very often. (So, um, if you read this, and you’re near the DFW Metroplex, you have an easy sale here.)