It’s not that there aren’t tons of things I could be writing about, because there are, but I’m still tired from the trip, and restless and antsy because we’re in this apartment. Ugh. It may be a foofy apartment, but it’s still not a HOUSE. I think it’s worse because all of our stuff is in storage, and while my laptop is great for blogging in bed, it’s not at all comfortable on a desk, as a primary system.

But we finally have a phone number, and even though I’m Bravo-less, the noise from the tv is keeping me from feeling disconnected.

On our trip, and even here, we’ve been waching the weather channel, mostly. And I’ve spent far too many hours looking at houses on the web, and trying to decide what I really really want. So far, the leading contenders are both at the top of our price range (a range I set based on what we can afford comfortably on ONE income), and I’m concerned that the areas are TOO remote, too suburban.

And Fuzzy won’t tell me what he LIKES, but then when I like something a LOT he doesn’t.

Well, off to look at another option and then dinner…and trying not to grumble that we haven’t picked a house YET, and I can’t deal with more than a month in this apartment.