Killing Time

So, in my Bravo-less life here in Casa Temporaria, I’m trying to find alternatives to reruns of The West Wing to watch at night. It hasn’t been easy, especially without the onscreen digital cable guide.

But even though I don’t have Bravo right now, I do have Oxygen, and they’ve been running reruns of The Sunday Night Sex Show at 11PM, and even though there isn’t much I’m learning from it, she’s funny and frank, and I get a kick out of the politely shy Canadians who call in with questions.

I went to the web to find out more about Sue, because I’d remembered seeing her do a guest spot on an episode of Degrassi (and don’t mock my watching Degrassi. Many of you like Disney movies. We all have our stupid vices.) Oxygen runs the new version of her Show Talk Sex with Sue, but it’s on hiatus so I haven’t seen a fresh episode.

However, in perusing the archives, I found a sex toy in her list of such things, that made me laugh. It’s “below the fold” if you’re reading this on my blog.
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