So, we’ve got 18 more days of apartment life, and I’m fighting the nesting urge with a bat, and a credit card. Retail therapy works wonders, even if you only buy four shirts and a pair of pants. They gave me all the hangers, though, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

So far, we’ve found a lot of cool things around here, like the local branch of Chipotle, which is like Subway, but with burritos, and a second-run movie theater where the most expensive ticket is only $1.50. We thought about visiting the zoo (one of the zoos?) but decided to put that off til after the move.

I was complaining that I had nothing to read, but then I picked up another Darkover book, and got back into the series. I have a bunch more of them waiting for me, so I think I’ll survive.

I bought a book of writing prompts, but can’t quite get into them. Bad timing, I guess.

I succumbed to my addiction, and bought filters for the (ugh, ick, yuck) flat-basket coffee maker here in the apt, so at least I can have coffee in the morning. Of course, I neglected to buy a scoop. One tablespoon to one cup of water is too strong; one tablespoon to two cups of water is too weak, and tastes like “restaurant” coffee, so more experimentation is in order.

I have found the local “underground” paper. It’s no Metro, but it’s more interesting than the Morning News, at least. I have learned that one should not listen to BBC world service on NPR as one is trying to fall asleep, at least, not when they’re talking about beheadings.

I fantasize about painting the blue wall in the new kitchen. It will be terracotta, which is one of the colors in the wallpaper. Just changing that one wall will warm up the room and make it *pop*. I think we’ll do the insides of the cutouts in pale peach, or pale salmon, to transition from the terracotta to the sage on the other side. Also, the lighter color will look like glowy sunlight.

I fantasize, also, about ripping up the carpet, one room at a time, and laying down a wood floor. I hate carpet, except in small doses.

I have not yet decided what to do about the master bath. Fuzzy likes the wallpaper, but I think it’s hideous. Of course, I always did say all his taste was in his mouth.

Today’s plans: Kinkos, Movies, RoomStore.
18 more days.