Ticking clocks

It feels like I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve missed the Thursday Threesome two weeks in a row. I might go back and do them anyway, because they’re fun.

Rather than anything truly interesting, this post is an update:

– We’ve sold the house. We received an offer of $545,000, and countered with $565,000, and they countered back at $560,000, and that’s what we accepted. Not quiet what we wanted, but enough. Our close of escrow is August 31st, and we’ve got a rent-back to September 7th. If you’re local, the going away party is August 28th.

– We leave for Texas on Thursday afternoon, and will spend Friday and Saturday looking at the properties we’ve found on the net, and from our realtors, and making a decision. By the time we come home on Sunday, we’ll know where we’ll be living. There’s so much on the market there that it’s tough to decide. So far, we’ve narrowed it down to 5br/3ba or 4/3 with a study, two stories, and an in-ground pool. (Having had my own pool for the last two years, I find that it’s no longer an OPTION, but a REQUIREMENT, also, these all have hot tubs as well.)

– I’m seriously PMSing, which means I’m whiny, bitchy, tired, and antisocial. Also, I have an earache, and I haven’t been sleeping, so, be nice to Fuzzy, and please understand if I play hermit this weekend. It’s the first time in a month we’re NOT having an open house, and I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally TIRED, and want to just be insulated from everything for a while.

– As of Tuesday, I’m officially unemployed. Or self-employed, rather. I’ll be closing out the pipeline at the office, but new originations will be handled under my independent contractor status. I love working from home, and I’m looking forward to figuring out the kinks in this system BEFORE I’m several thousand miles away.

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