Just a Little Overwhelmed

We roll out of California a week from Weds. Possibly a week from Tues, if we finish loading the truck early enough.

Yesterday we managed to pack the living room books, and about half the contents of the garage. Today, the plan is to finish the garage, and pack the clothes we won’t need for the month we’re in escrow in TX, and living in a temp. apartment.

We’re debating getting a trailer hitch for Forester Gump and renting an actual towable u-haul, the teeny trailer-type, just so that we certified geeks can have our foofy computers. This is less of an issue for Fuzzy as it is for me, since I’ll be working from home, and my laptop just doesn’t have the computing power to which I’ve become accustomed.

The dogs KNOW something is up.

We left a whole bunch of stuff out on the lawn on a card table last night, with a giant FREE sign. This is a dandy way to get rid of stuff you don’t want, that you don’t have the patience to put in a garage sale, or the time to put on Ebay. People will take nearly ANYTHING for free. (In this case it was stray computer components, a plastic chest of drawers, stuff like that. Alas, no one has taken the table itself. Well. Perhaps we will find more free stuff to put out during Garage Part II, today.)

We made such progress yesterday, that I’ve gone from Completely and Utterly Overwhelmed to Just a Little Overwhelmed. Also, I’ve discovered that going off caffeine at the same time as a move is a Bad Thing. I’m certain that a good portion of my overwhelmedness had to do with a lack of macchiatos in my life.

It’s 11:21. Time to wake Fuzzy and get going.