I woke at 2:49 this morning (Tuesday – I haven’t slept yet, so it’s still fiscally Tuesday) from a dream that left me convinced I’d see a face at the window, or find a bat hanging from the shower bar.

The part of the dream I’m willing to share involved vampires, a brick clock-tower, a body of water, sitting in a darkened room watching a documentary of the history of horror films while a sleeping wolf was sprawled across a table nearby, and chimes – clock-chimes. There was also an intoxicating scent, some kind of perfume that came in waxy sticks of deep, oily blue-green. I had been half-watching Jaws on Bravo just before sleep, and idly thinking that I’d love to have a spinning blue light in the bedroom, one that made the room feel as if it was beneath the sea. I woke with the feeling that I’d dreamed of all these things before, and that I had to solve a mystery. Perhaps I’ll attempt to spin a tale out of these elements, but for now, I’m simply intrigued.

There were erotic elements of the dream as well. My inner censor isn’t letting me type about them here, even though my inner writer screams that I must. Cruel of me to tease, I guess. At the risk of TMI, though, if you’ve ever read the Stephen King book Tommyknockers and you remember the bits where the lead female character was first succumbing to the radiation, there was an element of that as I woke as well. I was shaken from sleep by the very real feeling that I was lying in menstrual blood, but of course I was not. It was all very odd. My dreams are not usually recurring, not usually on such themes. Though, it’s possible the tower and the water were influenced by my recent re-reading of Marian Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover novels (which, it must be said, have NOTHING to do with vampires).

Things continue on the house front. The appraiser and property inspector are coming tomorrow, at eleven and three respectively, and then, again, Thursday we’re leaving for Texas to go shopping. It’s such a differnt feeling to have so MANY homes to choose from – I’m looking forward to seeing some of our favorites “in person”, and to seeing the actual neighborhoods.

If the house is almost my only subject of conversation lately, I think it’s justifiable. At any rate, I’m off to bed now.