The Second Constant Thing…

The problem with being 1099’d is that you end up either paying quarterly taxes, or owing the feds. For me, the result this year, is the latter. Yes, we’re still paying off stuff from 2002 and 2000; yes, we’re requesting that they extend the installment agreements…

The good thing is: I’m not earning the bulk of my income from 1099’d income any more, it’s almost all w2’d which means next year, we’ll probably either break even or get a refund.

(The goal is to break even, honestly. Getting a refund means you OVERPAID via withholdings, not that the government is giving you a gift.)

But, anyway.

In other news, I might actually be caught up enough to resume the visits to Curves on Saturday. I’ve missed almost a month, and I’m not happy, but I’m caught up now. So, it’s all good.

One thought on “The Second Constant Thing…

  1. Yes.

    I never understood folks who were nine kinds of thrilled about getting a fat refund come tax time. By over-withholding, all you’re doing is giving the government an interest-free loan.

    The problem is that the I-9 is sort of a blunt instrument, and it’s hard to tweak your withholding to the point where you’re paying just enough in taxes that you neither owe nor are owed.

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