The Consensus…

…is that with the market the way it is, we should list the house asap, planning on an open house by Memorial Day, and negotiate a 30-day rentback, find a temp apt in Colorado, then get settled there and search for the perfect new house.

The daring part of me, who already has ppl sharing their rolodex and palm files with her, likes this plan A LOT (esp. since she’s being told that the house comps out at $545 – 575k and that she could probably get over 600k if she staged it right).

The conservative part of me is less sure, but still excited.

SEEKING: Friends to spend a weekend or two between now and Memorial Day helping us paint, spackle, repair, and hold a garage sale. Food will be provided. Swimming pool is open. Gratitude is already included.

One thought on “The Consensus…

  1. Link away! Thanks. Turns out that we are neighbors and like a lot of the same books. I guess we will stop being neighbors soon, though, if you are uprooting to Colorado.

    I’m moving to Idaho when my daughter gets into college. I read everything on her school reading lists–since she is dyslexic, if I read the works ahead of her, I can figure out where the bumpy bits are, also we have good conversation.s

    My sister, the Pescadero lavender farmer, is moving to Arizona.

    If you like Duane’s wizardry series, you might like Dianna Wynne Jones.

    I liked Laurel Hamilton until she went all sex-goth with the new series–doesn’t interest me.

    There you go. Want any more opinions? Ask away.

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