Stupid Thursday!

The day began with me waking to a hazy sky and a raw scratchy throat. Also, the pool guy had called last night to ask to come give us an estimate at 10 AM, and I’d forgotten we needed to leave earlier than that today (note: there is nothing wrong with the pool, it was just the pool cleaning service).

I managed to get into my office without spilling my chai, but I didn’t remember to cancel my facial appt (which I am just not in the mood for) tomorrow, and since it’s now less than 24 hours, they’lll charge me if I cancel now. Well, tomorrow’s Friday, and I’ll probably be in the mood then, and if not, well, it gets me out of the office at 12:30. Can’t complain about that.

Today, by 10 AM I had already dealt with so many stupid people that I dubbed the day Stupid Thursday! (the exclamation point is, in fact, obligatory)…alas, I was confronted by more and more of the mentally challenged as the day went on and yet, despite the fact that we were in constant motion, it was productive, AND we got to chat which hasn’t been a factor in the work day in a long time, and I’ve missed it.

Also, we’ve confirmed now, that we do, in fact have a floor in our office, even if it does slope.

I came home wanting to write, but instead I felt hungry and crabby and anti social. Fuzzy brought me lasagne, which was inhaled, not merely eaten, and then I came into the bedroom to lie down, except there was a story burning, except that once I picked up a pen all the dialogue in my head had vanished and all I’ve produced now is a trio of handwritten pages full of stilted speech in a setting I’m not sure I like and at a time I’m not sure I can justify.

Some days, I feel like I should turn in my pen and pad. Today, for example. This notion was affirmed by the fact that my cute little lavender laptop decided to have a nervous breakdown and froze, then restarted and blamed the issue on bad graphics drivers.

I’ve downloaded an upgrade, and the system seems stable, but then, I’ve had the thing for over a year, and it’s only rebooted once, so who can tell?

In a bit over two hours, Stupid Thursday! will be over.
Maybe, just maybe, I can keep from committing senseless acts of violence before then.