Rocky Mountain High

It’s no secret, really, that I have a restless spirit. It comes, I think, from a quasi-nomadic childhood, and is helped along by the fact that I love change, love tweaking, altering, adjusting…apparently editing my own words isn’t something that attracts me, so I edit other things.

It’s also no secret, though it’s not terribly well known, that I spent seven years in Colorado as a kid. Most of my primary school education was in Golden, Georgetown, and Arvada, Colorado. As much as I love California, and despite certain personal issues I have, and that whole “landlocked state” thing, I LIKE Colorado. I don’t even object to the fact that there is Serious Winter there.

I’m bringing this up because Fuzzy and I (mostly I) are feeling increasingly stressed by the economy here in Northern California, and while I like my job, I’d really like to stretch a little. Stuff like that.

And so, we’re putting into motion a six month plan to get out of California, and relocate to someplace that still offers all the cosmopolitan ammenities I’m accustomed to, along with a slightly less expensive lifestyle. Locations on the List, right now, include Denver, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. I was lobbying for Portland, but the job market there for Fuzzy isn’t at all good. Further down on the List, is Dallas, because Fuzzy’s company has a presence there, but I’m not really sure I’d be happy in Texas. Ditto Florida, though the real estate market there is pretty good.

I’m not sure why I need to put this in writing. And I think it’s pretty obvious that my own choice would be Colorado (gee, the title didn’t give that away, did it?), but things happen, and this could change, or we might decide to just forget the whole idea.

There we are.

5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Well, *I* could have told you about the Portland unemployment rate. Or did you think I was just being lazy? :D *snugs*

    Token silly note: Land-locked? But I heard they had /oysters/…

  2. OK, so I couldnt resist dropping by! Why do you write here rather than on OD? Why not consider moving overseas? My last three jobs have been in Glasgow, Sydney and now Dublin. And next I fancy Bermuda! Or maybe Brazil ..

  3. Well, I can tell you the real estate market in Colorado is still hopping. But you do know that Denver got snow again last night? 10 inches in Evergreen! Late April and it’s still snowing *g* Then again, we had 70 to 80 degree days in early March and by Tuesday it will be back in the mid 60s. ;)

  4. Well, you could always come to Boston! :) Unemployment sucks, but my company is always looking for Java programmers.

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