It’s hot, unseasonably so, and I can’t resist looking at to see what it is in Denver. This afternoon, when Jeremy and I looked, it was 62, and I commented that such a temperature was at least appropriate for April. Last week was cool and rainy and refreshing, and after only two days of this sunny hot weather, I feel parched and prickly.

I’m sitting hear nibbling on a salad and felt the urge to write but I’ve couched it as fiction. You can read it here. No, it’s not another formal blog, it’s just a place to post stuff that isn’t quite what I want here. No need to blogroll it, links will be offered on the rare occasions when content changes.

I think I’m allergic to summer.
My allergies were undercontrol til the heat hit 90.
I want to move.
I want a house with air conditioning and three more rooms, and a gourmet kitchen.

God, I’m whiny tonight.
I blame the weather.