It’s 10:05 PM. Do you know where your Xeni is?

Well, okay, I'm not your Xeni. I'm my own Xeni. And I'm at work at 10 PM on a Saturday, not because I'm being forced but because I don't like coming in on Mondays to piles of work.

I'd planned to come in tomorrow, but I'd forgotten at the time I made that plan, that Isabelle and Martina are here for the weekend.

Isabelle and Martina are the ex- and current foreign exchange students from Switzerland and Sweden, respectively, that my sister-in-law in Iowa has been hosting over the last two years. They're in California for their extended spring break, and asked if we'd mind if they crashed at our place in exchange for bribes of European chocolate, since hotels are a bit beyond the student budget.

We like meeting new folks, so we said sure. And they arrived tonight. Our initial plan was to point them in the direction of SFO tomorrow, and then go back to bed, but they're really sweet girls, even if they giggle a bit much, and we never get to just hang in the City and to touristy stuff, so we're taking them to some of our favorite haunts tomorrow (like Mama's on Washington Square, for breakfast, and Mitchell's Ice Cream just because everyone needs to experience Mitchell's at least once in their life).

We took them out to Kazoo for Japanese food tonight, which was an adventure, because not only did they not understand the Japanese words in the menu, they also didn't always understand the English translations. Still, we all had fun, and everyone liked the food, and Martina made a brave (and successful) attempt at using chopsticks.

When I grow up, I want to host my very own foreign exchange student.