Happiness is…

…finding out that instead of having to take seven classes to meet the requirements for my broker's license, I only have to take four.

…a hot mocha valencia on a sunny-but-crisp morning. (Chocolate, orange, and coffee, yummmmmmmmm.)

Synaesthetic Meme

Stolen from and

1. How do clouds taste?
Cool and fresh, with a hint of sweetness and a hint of mint.

2. What does Fear smell like?
Salty and metallic and hot, not cold.

3. What color is an ache?
Starbursts of red and yellow, lit like flashing traffic signals.

4. How does sorrow feel (to the touch)?
Thick and soggy, an old sponge.

5. What does the color indigo sound like?
The subtle roiling sound of a wave before it crashes to shore.

Out of the Blue

I received an email today from someone I was an apprentice Healer with on ShardsMUSH in 1994. I hadn't had contact from him since about '96, so naturally I was surprised to get an email, at an address I didn't have then. But his resourcefulness in tracking me down can't go un-noted. So, everyone, say hi to who is not only a really neat person, but, apparently, a fellow LJ-er.

I so love the way people you never expect to hear from again suddenly appear. It's just…cool.

Another cool thing is family. Mine's increased recently – I'm an auntie again, to my brother's second baby, another boy, born about a week ago.

There really isn't much point to this entry.
I'm just in a happy place and wanted to share.