Fluff and Drivel

Last night, even though we were both exhausted, Fuzzy and I finally bought the bookshelf I'd been eyeing at Organized Living for months. It's cherry, like most of the rest of the pieces of office furniture we bought, and tall, and as of this moment, still in boxes in the living room. But we'll get it up this weekend. I can't wait.

I don't really have a favorite color. I like black and red and green and purple. And most people think purple is my favorite, and sometimes I play into that, but mostly I like it because it's a fun color. In my purple collection this week: Purple Creme Oreos (I blame for getting me hooked on these), purple dish soap, and purple gatorade. However, the pencil sharpener I picked up (I needed one with a crayon setting so I could sharpen my favorite make-up stick), is green.

More Fluff:
I finished the continuing education requirement to renew my real estate license. You have to do 12 hours of classwork for the 1st 4-year renewal. I took three of my four finals last night while chatting periodically with and Fuzzy, and, just by doing open book tests, and not the classwork (which isn't technically required), got scores of 96, 92, and 96. Continuing Education is such a joke.

More Drivel:
I decided last week, and shared with a couple of people, that I want my broker's license by the end of this year, and within two years, I want to open my own shop (company), because I'm really tired of making other people rich.