1.) Cocola, the foofy bakery/cafe in Santana Row, has fabulous pastries (I'm quite taken with pain chocolat), but they make lousy espresso. Their mochas are too sweet, and the coffee is too week, and they used Reddi Whip insted of real whipped cream. Ugh.

2) Clinique Mascara doesn't give me raccoon eyes the way every other kind of mascara does. Yay.

3.) I'm in love with my new Aveda makeup stick/crayon/thing. It's like an eye pencil, only fatter, and once side's a natural pinkish-beigey-blush color, while the other is gold. It's safe for eyes /and/ lips, too, which means, that and blusher, and I'm set to travel, except that now I need to find a pencil sharpener big enough to fit it.

4.) I /love/ my new showerhead. It has all these nifty massage settings AND I can reach it to adjust things. This is good.

5.) My happy purple tulips are still mostly okay at the office, and my iris and daisy combination at home looks really amazing.

6.) New desk *buying* will happen Friday night. Next weekend: new computer.

7.) I'm listening to Bond's most recent cd, which I've had for months but never managed to open. Ironically, they've included the James Bond theme. I love their arrangement of it. But I still like their first cd better.

8.) It's raining. And I love rain. Rain is wonderful.

9.) Yes, I have overdosed on caffeine today. A chai, and iced tea, and a mocha. FEAR ME.