Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

There were flowers.
And chocolate.
Both from the evil (aka He who Never Posts), who stole my keys and snuck into my office so said items would be waiting for me this morning.

And more flowers.
Irises, my favorite flower, from (aka, He Whose Hair Elastic I Forgot to Return).

There was Chinese food (we went early, to Tsing Tao. Yum!) I bame for this, because if he hadn't mentioned that his family had Chinese, it never would have occurred to me to suggest it tonight.

There was yet another trip to Organized Living, where we found out ALL the desks we like are ON SALE. We'd planned to go desk-shopping tomorrow. Desk-PURCHASING, even, which is far more entertaining than merely looking.

There was Chicago which means I was doing my best Fosse-dancer imitation in the kitchen while making tea a few minutes ago. (Btw, if you haven't seen this, do! It was everything I hoped it would be, even if they did cut some songs.) (um, I mean go see the movie. You don't need to see me bumping and grinding in my kitchen. Unless you're desperate for comedy.)

And there is home, and Tracker and tea and bonding with the dogs.

And for those of you who hate Valentine's day, here's my obligatory statement: I agree that we shouldn't need a holiday to express our feelings to our loved ones. But since it exists, it's kind of fun to have a reason to shop for cute things.