Sick. Blech.

I've been fighting a sinus infection since I got home from France, and finally lost the battle while helping Fuzzy with system build's last Thursday. Yes, the new system works (witness this post), yes, it's rip-roaringly fast, no, I haven't played with it much, only enough to load office and set up email.

I spent almost the whole weekend in bed, vegging in front of tv. This is something I never do, but my head hurt too much to read, and I couldn't breathe enough to sleep the whole time.

I still sound like a toad, and am still congested, and grumpy, and spacey.
I have learned that Nyquil and Chai are my friends.

In an effort to cheer me up, Fuzzy bought me Season 1 of Angel on DVD, and we've replaced Season 1 of Highlander with DVD (we have the whole series on VHS). And we're on episode 17 of season 1 of Babylon 5, which means there will be a respite soon. Yay.

Tonight, Fuzzy promised me oatmeal.
Don't laugh. I LIKE oatmeal.