Subdued Saturday

I had the worst time getting myself motivated to leave the house this morning – my salon appointment (brow wax, manicure, if you must know) was for 12:30, and at 11:48 I was still hanging out in the computer room in ratty sweats, reading. Admittedly, I still have a sinus infection (lately I feel like I /always/ have a sinus infection), so breathing was an issue, is an issue, but usually I at least look forward to such me-time.

While I like new experiences, there's a part of me that likes to have a routine as well. One such routine, recently intiated, is that Fuzzy and I have crepes in the square before my salon appointments. It's one of the few times we're both awake, in the same place, and NOT logged into something, and it's become a really important part of my weekend. Today, though, he didn't get out of bed, and I wasn't motivated, so it didn't happen, and I've felt even more off-kilter as a result.

Afterward, I popped into Bunches, the flower shop at Santana Row, in a building modelled on a French chapel, and found the most amazing purple tulips for $2.50/bunch. I love flowers. More, I love purple flowers. So I bought the last two bunches, and then added a bunch of irises and some daisys, and still spent less than $20. I'm hoping if I trim them tomorrow night, I can bring them to work and they'll last a few days, because I need something to replace the paperwhites that finally blossomed after taking over the room :)

We came home, after lunch, and I had every intention of diving into the thousands upon thousands (well, maybe fifty) still-packed boxes in the garage, and went to lie down just for a minute while Fuzzy mowed the lawn, but then all of a sudden it was three hours later, and I just don't feel like dealing with boxes any more.

I need to hire a pool cleaner.
I'm considering hiring a maid.

I've been sort of pushing away a person a consider a dear friend, and I feel bad about it and miss them at the same time that I know it's, in part, a necessary sort of pushing.

It's nearly eight, and all I've accomplished today is posting blather and having girly stuff done at the salon.

Ah, well.
Tomorrow will be different.