Lazy Sunday

It was two pm before Fuzzy was out of bed and I bothered to change out of my pajamas, but we were hungry, and neither of us wanted to cook, so finally, there was motivation.

We went to Fridays, our usual choice when neither of us can make a decision about where to go. It's not that it's a great restaurant, hardly that, but there's always something each of us is willing to eat. And their iced tea never tastes canned.

Afterwards, we went out to spend gift certificates from Christmas. At Target, funded by Chris's sister, we bought rather mundane items: New shower curtain liners and a new shower curtain for my bathroom. The old liners, left here as a courtesy by the previous owners of the house, were white, and were getting beyond the point where scrubbing bubbles would help keep them clean, or I was willing to look at them. Ugh. So now I have clear ones. I couldn't find any actual shower curtains in the shower stall size. (My tub is a jacuzzi tub, and because the shower bar follows the curve of the tub, the extra length requires that we use two 59″ long curtains, instead of one 72″ curtain.), but the liners were the right size, and, I reasoned, an couple inches on either side isn't going to look horrible for now. So the outside curtain is a translucent rice-paper white, sheer enough that light from the window filters through, but opaque enough that it offers privacy. I mean, you know, married-people privacy, which is different from single-people privacy.

The pale color is a switch for me. We'd had suns and moons in our condo, keeping a running theme with said pattern from bedroom to bathroom to office. Now, though, the blue carpet I picked is just a little off from the sun and moon stuff, and the windows don't lend themselves to such bold prints, and I'm in the mood for soft pastels in aquatic colors – pale blue, sea foam, lavender – NO PINK. I did buy a new sun and moon curtain yesterday, but I'm sending it to my mother, because she saw my old one, and wanted one, and couldn't find one in La Paz.

Our other stop was Home Depot, for another gift card purchase, this time a new shower head. I'm five feet tall. The shower in my bathroom was designed, apparently, for a basketball player, because even on a stool I could barely reach it to change the angle. And it was old, and icky. Now, though, I have a wonderful massaging showerhead with a gazillion settings (or seven), and we put in a swivelling extender on the pipe that the hose screws into, so that I can reach things, but it can be raised should anyone of basketball player stature ever need to use my bathroom. Not that this is likely, but Fuzzy insisted, and since he was the one who was going to be installing the damned thing, I let him win that battle.

He also won the battle with the various screws and pipes, and I now have a working spiffy showerhead behind my brand new shower curtains. Thanks, Fuzzy!

We stopped for coffee on the way home. I've found that I get grumpy on the weekends, and have realized that it's because during the week, my daily ritual involves some kind of uber-caffeinated beverage around ten AM, and while I claim that I'm not addicted /really/, I'm hooked enough that when I don't have coffee on weekends, I get snappy and grumpy and bitchy. And Fuzzy doesn't deserve that.

So: Fuzzy's Productive Things for the weekend, despite our lounging in bed and indulging in afternoon cuddling, were the lawn and the shower head installation. And mine were the much more pedestrian dishes and laundry. Zorro doesn't have to be productive – he's just cute – but Cleo has a new mission. She's learning to hunt mice. I was looking for something in the garage last night, you see, and one jumped at me. I'm embarrassed to admit that I screamed, but it was NOT because I'm afraid of rodents – I'm not – it was because I wasn't expecting anything grayish brown and furry to jump out of a box.

In any case, it's nearly eight, and I need to get ready for another assistantless day at work. *sigh* Only a month, and I'm dependent on having him around. I'm hopeless.