Xeni and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.

I think if tomorrow is any worse than the last three days have been I might just have to kill someone or something, just as stress-relief.

-Sunday, we took my parents to breakfast, and the folks at Hobees managed to not give back Fuzzy's credit card, which wouldn't have been an issue except that we didn't discover this until after they'd closed. Then on Monday morning, they told him they couldn't possibly go look and see if the card was there, he'd have to come by. Then when he called back, they hung up on him. (The card was there, but they hadn't bothered to call the bank or anything. Helpful folks. If only I wasn't so addicted to their salmon spinach scramble)

-Monday I got to the office early so that I could make sure my mother had all the tools she needed, but I'd forgotten to load Office on the laptop I gave her. So my stepfather said he'd bring my backpack with my laptop and software with him when he came for lunch. Well, he did bring the backpack, but first he managed to run it over in our Camry, and while my brand new camera and Rio Volt are just peachy, my less-than-60-day-old Vaio is dented, mashed, scratched, and dead. The LCD shattered. Auto insurance won't cover it, and while we have home-contents insurance included, which might have, in our HOA stuff (we're only six units, so yes, we have contents and structural through the HOA), I found out that someone had apparently cancelled the entire HOA policy. (I've emailed our treasurer, about that. I'm sure it's just an error.) And my parents are both mortified, of course, moreso since they're retired, and can't afford to give me $2300 for a new laptop. And don't even ask about Sony's warranty. I don't think they'd believe this was a tech problem.

-Today, all was going well. We made a verbal offer on The House. I don't think we'll get it, though our first loan is approved, because it's a little beyond our reach, and we're asking for a seller carried bridge second, and offering $40k lower than what they're asking (because their house is overpriced), and making it contingent on selling this. But, anyway, today's issue is more simple. My hard drive crashed at work. Hard. To the point where I can't even blow away partitions and start from scratch. Brian, our office manager, zipped right out and bought me a new drive (100 gigs as opposed to the original 40), but that meant I had to stay and set it up, because we don't have an IT person, or anything. Argh. Anyway, all was going well, and I had mail and web and everything working, except that I couldn't see the rest of the systems on our LAN. At 10:45, after making Fuzzy come look because I was tired to the point of hysteria, I realized the problem was a typo in the IP.

So, I'm tired and feeling stressed and stupid, and whining like, well, make up your own metaphor. I'm going to bed.