Return of the Survey Goddess….or something.

So, I haven't done a real post here or on OD for a week, and while I have things to say, my brain's not cooperating. So, a survey. Like that's a surprise.

I see… my dogs, and Fuzzy.
I need… more hours in the day.
I find… bits and pieces of chewed up pink plush aliens (Thanks Cleo)
I want… a bigger house…and a maid.
I have… enough.
I wish… we had just one more room.
I love… many.
I hate… ants, spiders, and temperatures over 80
I miss… summer rainstorms
I fear… being homeless.
I feel… itchy, and tired.
I hear… one of Fuzzy's incessant games.
I smell… leftover chicken.
I crave… my grandfather's iced tea
I search…for more books to read.
I wonder… if rates will stay this good for a while.
I regret… not being more outgoing. I suck at making friends.

When was the last time you…
Smiled? Tonight
Laughed? Tonight, after Fuzzy made some commment about the movie we just watched.
Cried? Last night, when I woke up having asthma issues, and couldn't breathe
Bought something? I bought a fax machine on Friday. Does that count?
Danced? I dance around my living room all the time. Shh. Don't tell anyone.
Were sarcastic? Me? Sarcastic? Never!
Kissed someone? About three minutes ago.
Talked to an ex? My most ex-y ex is in jail, actually, so, um, no.
Watched your favorite movie? I don't have a single favorite.
Had a nightmare? Not many, not since Fuzzy taught me the key to lucid dreaming.

A Last time for everything…
Last book you read: Second Thyme Around by Kate Fforde
Last movie you saw: We just finished watching K-PAX
Last song you heard: Um…we were listening to “Once More with Feeling” in the car a while ago. But I don't remember which track.
Last thing you had to drink: Water
Last time you showered: This morning
Last thing you ate: We had chicken tonight.
Do You…
1. Smoke? No. I can't stand the smell, and it ruins your vocal cords.
2. Do drugs? Only coffee. And shopping.
3. Have sex? Quite.
4. Sleep with stuffed animals? Not since I was seven.
5. Live in the moment? Sometimes
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I am married to a SNAG
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes.
8. Play an instrument? I sing, and play the cello. I'm learning to play the piano.
9. Believe there is life on other planets? I believe it's possible.
10. Remember your first love? Yes
11. Still love him/her? Not romantically
12. Read the newspaper? Sometimes.
13. Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes
14. Believe in miracles? Yes
15. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yes
16. Consider yourself tolerant of others? In theory, yes, in practice…not as much as I should be.
17. Consider love a mistake? Never
18. Like the taste of alcohol? Depends on the drink. I do /not/ like brandy or sherry.
19. Have a favorite candy? My favorite grocery store candy is York Peppermint Patties. 20. Believe in Astrology? Only as a form of entertainment.
21. Believe in magic? In the Clarke-ian sense.
22. Believe in God? I can't answer this within the confines of a survey
23. Pray? Not specifically.
24. Go to church? Only when I'm craving a free Bach concert
25. Have any secrets? Yes
26. Have any pets? Two small dogs.
27. Do well in school? I tested well, but never saw the point in homework. If I hadn't gone to a performing arts school, I'd never have survived high school.
28. Go to or plan to go to college? Yes. Hated that too. I don't do well in highly structured environments.
29. Have a major? I'll never tell.
30. Talk to strangers who instant message you? Not generally.
31. Wear hats? I collect hats.
32. Have any piercings? Two in each ear, though only one in each is ever used these days.
33. Have any tattoos? I have an on-again/off-again interest in tattoos. But no actual ones.
34. Hate yourself? I hate specific things about myself. Like, I hate that I'm shy, and snobbish.
35. Have an obsession? Words, books, reading.
36. Collect anything? Hats, rare books, fountain pens, stationery
37. Have a best friend? Yes, actually.
38. Wish on stars? Never.
39. Like your handwriting? I used to have really nice handwriting. Now, thanks to computer work, I don't. Ugh.
40. Have any bad habits? Yes.
41. Care about looks? Sometimes.
42. Believe in witches? Not in the Halloween-ish green skin and warts sense.
43. Believe in Satan? No.
44. Believe in ghosts? Yes, for the most part. Or at least, I believe in the possibility.
45. Believe in Santa? No.
46. Believe in the Easter Bunny? No.
47. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? No.
48. Have a second family? Yes. In fact, I have my own room at my friend J's house in Littleton.
49. Trust others easily? No.
50. Like noise? Sometimes.
51. Take walks in the rain? Yes.
52. Kiss with your eyes closed? Sometimes.
53. Sing in the shower? Always.
54. Own handcuffs? No
55. Have any scars? One.