Proof that I Really need Sleep

So, I was dozing on the couch, kinda watching The Crocodile Hunter, when I thought of it…

Anyone remember TinyElvis? It was a program, an applet, really, that gave you an Elvis icon, who would walk across your screen, make a comment, like, “Maaan, look at that icon! Wow, that's really huge.” And then wiggle its hips or dance.

So, there needs to be TinySteve. This would be the Croc Hunter himself, and he'd bounce onto the desktop, crouch and go, “Get a look at that icon! What a little beauty!” or “Danger! Danger! Danger!” at random intervals.

Um, yeah, I'm tired.
(And alcohol free, too. Be afraid.)

I Can’t Think of A Catchy Title For This…

…so anyone reading it is welcome to suggest things, or you can go without. In any case, yes, I am alive. Well, kind of.

Work is insane. Rates are low, which means the stock market is generally sucky. A tip: If you really want to invest in something, go buy a house. Real estate is hot-hot-hot right now. I know this because in the last week the five of us have originated 125 new loans. All of which I get to process. (Of course, I get a per-loan spiff, as well as commissions on my own originations, and a base, so, while I pretty much have no life during the week, it's worth it.)

The guys I work with appreciate me, though, and are supportive and generally cool. When asked what they could do to make my job easier, I retorted, “Buy me chocolate.” I was kidding, mostly, and they knew it, mostly, but for the last two days we've all been noshing on the three-pound box of See's they brought me. (I only eat the dark chocolates, and they pretty much all like milk, so this is good.)

Oh, and I have a private fax machine a mere three steps away from my desk, in my office with the token window. So, hey, at least while I'm going crazy, I'm comfortable.

* * *

And then there's the impending visit from my parents, who are currently in Palm Desert after driving up from Baja Sur on Sunday. They were supposed to arrive on the 19th, but now it looks like they're coming TOMORROW, and my bathrooms aren't really clean enough for parental company, and there's no time, and I finally decided I don't care. SInce they informed me, rather than asking, that they'd be coming, it's their problem. At least I don't complain about their neurotic dog who makes puddles of chocolate-pudding-like stuff on my carpets. (Yeah, you needed that image, didn't you?)

* * *

This sounds rather rant-y now that I'm re-reading it, but really, it's not. Just Xeni-babble. And yes, I can do this whole entry on one breath. :)