Adventures in Househunting

So, we opted not to make a full price offer on the original house. It's just not worth 575k in this market. There are houses that are bigger, on better streets, and less expensive.

One such house is this one which we've called on, and are going to see tomorrow at 1:30.

We did look at several today, including a 4/2 in Pruneridge that was listed at 999,000 (it's so not going to sell for that), and one of what I call the “Stepford Houses” – they're the ones that are used as in-fill housing. Zero lot-line construction, in small carved out neighborhoods, with twisty-turny private drives that all culminate in cul de sac's, where you find five or six homes in a semi-circle, all of which are one of three designs. (For locals, the new construction at Rivermark is a prime example of these).

What I love about my neighborhood is that, with a very small enclave as an exception, there are no tract houses, and no Stepford homes. Just really interesting, vintage houses. The one we're hoping to offer on tomorrow, for example, is a cottage built in 1925, but it's been updated to have air conditioning.

So, the hunt continues.


Update 3:34 PM: I WANT THIS HOUSE. Ok, the kitchen's small, but it's so cute. It has the original phone-niche from when the house was built, and the detailing on the fireplace is so cool, and the front bedroom opens to the living room with folding doors, so is perfect for a computery-officy space. And and and.

The master bath is what they used to call a 3/4 bath. A shower, sink and toilet. Grey ceramic tile floor. The main bath is black and white tile. Brass and porcelain fittings. Small, but functional. And a real (as in not molded plastic) tub. There's bougainvillea (or however you spell that) on a trellis out the living room windows.

We drove around and looked at other stuff, of course, including a listing on Morse that was really cute, but only a 2/1 – not big enough. But the agent is not only an old friend, but also represented our newest neighbors here when they bought, so – yeah, that works. She can list this place.

Please everyone keep fingers crossed.