We Might Be Moving

So, today I went to the fabric store with Mom, and then on the way toward lunch at Pomodoro, we saw some For Sale signs in our neighborhood. And on a whim, since one house was open, we went in.

And I fell in love.

We drove home and woke Chris and dragged him back.

It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (well, 1.75, really) and all hardwood floors, and an office/game room that I told Chris he could hang his posters in, and hey, , read this line: An actual outdoor brick charcoal-burning grill.

This link should take you to the house.

And this link should be the aerial photo courtesy of MapQuest.

And the question I have is: What kind of bribery would it entail for folks to come help us a) get the condo ready to show, and b) move in about a month when we close escrow, assuming we make the offer.

(Also, if anyone wants a computer desk, please let us know?)