Nuances of Nesting

“I'm feeling lost and pathetic,” I told and earlier today. “Fuzzy hasn't even been gone for 24 hours, and I miss him, and want him home.” I was told that experiences similar feelings when the SO is away, and in response to that I said, “Well, maybe I should write about nesting.”

Nuances of Nesting

1) Contrary to popular opinion, nesting can be done outside. If the day is sunny, and the weather sufficiently warm, a stack of books, a comfy lounge chair, and a glass of iced tea (or margaritas), can become a perfectly delightful nest. After all, nesting is more a mindset than a location.

2) Comfort foods are essential. While your nesting experience may be enhanced if you have 'theme' snacks, anything that is comforting to you is acceptable. Examples include the conventional ice cream (generally eaten directly from the container, especially when you are combining nesting with wallowing), the nostalgic peanut butter and banana sandwich, and the daring – one might even say eccentric – cream cheese and liverwurst on rye bread. Should fast food be more to your taste, nesting connoisseurs recommend such things as pizza, Chinese take-out, and Stouffer's Macaroni & Cheese.

3) The stack of books alluded to in point 1 is also a vital part of nesting. Your reading matter should be light, warm, and full of whimsy. Romances, fantasy, and other such mind candy are good choices. Home decorating magazines are another popular option. Also on the a-list are such novels as Last Chance Saloon and Bridget Jones's Diary.

4) Should reading not be a comforting activity for you, it is suggested that you turn to movies. Again, the range of options is huge, and encompasses everything from the quirky-yet-sexy Better Than Chocolate to the trendy-yet-funny Bridget Jones's Diary, to such films as Message in a Bottle, The Love Letter, Practical Magic, and perennial favorite Ever After.

5) Nesting attire should be soft, comfortable lounge-wear. Serious nesters tend to go bra-less, and are known for curling up on the couch, or amidst a pile of pillows on a bed, wearing a baggy t-shirt, old sweatpants, and athletic socks. The sweatpants are optional, of course, should summer heat make heavy clothing unwise. An alternative to sweats is to stay in pajamas all day, but this choice is not recommended to anyone with a strong work-ethic, who needs to justify themselves by counting 'getting dressed' as requisite productivity.

6) Hair, if long, should be gathered into a pony-tail, preferably with an obnoxiously colored scrunchie. Braids, or a pair of pony-tails (aka “bunches”) are less popular, but equally efficient. In the absense of hair-paraphernalia, leaving it loose and hanging is also acceptable. Short hair, of course, requires no special treatment. Brushing is entirely optional.

7) When possible, it is preferable to invite small furry pets to share your nesting experience. By cuddling with a small dog or cat, or even a ferret, you gain the advantage of unconditional love, without the disadvantage of being required to converse. Pets, therefore, are essential to a successful nesting experience.

Any questions?