It Followed Me Home…

No, really, it did.
It just jumped off the shelf and into my hand, before I could do anything about it. “You want me,” it whispered. “You have to have me. I'm worth it.”
Fuzzy was no help either. “You've been wanting one for years,” he pointed out. Then he told the salesperson, “She comes in and drools over them.”
“I'd buy it,” the salesguy said, holding out the box, “and I happen to have one right here.”

The 'it' in question is a new camera. When I finally left work at 8:30 we made a mad dash to Fry's, because we'd decided earlier to drive to L.A. after all, and I wanted a new digital camera. I mean, I have a FujuFilm digital that is…adequate…but Cleo ate the proprietary USB cord, and now whenever I take pictures I have to remember to set up the cardreader on whatever computer, and transfer them that way. Ick! Also, we're going to France for Christmas, and I wanted to NOT have to lug around extra cables. And then there's the fact that our laptops and my desktop are all Sony products, which use memory sticks as a recording medium, as does this camera, and I'm just enamoured with the novelty of storing data on a stick of gum.

And hey. Purple. Let's not forget that. If Sony products were mint green, I'm sure I wouldn't be quite so attracted to them.

So…new camera. Road trip. Stack of eclectic cd's with which to annoy Fuzzy.
Mmm. Could be fun.